Ordained Women in the Early Church


Madigan K, Osiek C. Ordained Women in the Early Church. Johns Hopkins University Press; 2005.
Ordained Women in the Early Church



"Finally, readers have a single compendium in English of the evidence that women did hold church office as deacon, presbyter, and bishop, not simply as spouses of male officeholders and not in heretical sects but in their own right and in the Catholic Church."—Maureen A. Tilley - Catholic Biblical Quarterly


"An invaluable resource for all who are interested in the historical evidence relating to the ordination of women as deacons and presbyters in the early centuries up to roughly the sixth century."—Mary Coloe - Review of Biblical Literature


"Madigan and Osiek have produced the best, most comprehensive, and extremely useful documentary history to date regarding the ordination of women in the early church." —William Tabbernee - Catholic Historical Review




"This publication will be very welcome to a wide audience that will include interested general readers as well as more advanced students of the history of early Christianity and will make a substantial contribution to the field." —Robin Jensen, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, author of Face to Face: The Portrait of the Divine in Early Christianity


"An excellent resource for deeper study of original texts as well as for informed entry into current ecclesial discussions of practice and polity." —Francine Cardman - Journal of Religion


"Kevin Madigan and Carolyn Osiek's collection and analysis of the historical documents on the topic is important and relevant to church historians and modern church leaders alike."

—Review of Biblical Literature


"A masterful compilation and translation." —Phyllis Zagano - Theological Studies


"The richly varied texts introduce us to a remarkable group of women." —Rev. Dr. John Binns - Church Times


"Kevin Madigan and Carolyn Osiek... have done the important work of bringing together into one volume all known Greek and Latin references to women deacons and presbyters."

—Andrew Gregory - Church of England Newspaper


"Thanks to this work, most of the pieces of the jig saw of the history of women in the diaconate are laid out before us." —Distinctive Diaconate


"A thorough, well-researched, and lucid documentary history." —Daniel Keating – Henoch


"No academic library (and particularly seminary library) will want to be without this book."

—Leslie Baynes - Religious Studies Review


"It is impossible to come away from this excellent, erudite and evenly argued book without some very uncomfortable questions about how women in the church have from the beginning been fitted into wider society's conception of what is appropriate and expedient." —Morwenna Ludlow - New Blackfriars


"Madigan and Osiek bring considerable scholarly expertise and experience to this difficult task."

—Bonnie Flessen - Currents in Theology and Mission

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